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Retro Holiday Character Creator Kit

Retro Holiday Character Creator Kit

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Retro Holiday Christmas Creator Kit

A 2-in-1 Creator Kit 

The Retro Holiday Character Creator Kit is a 2-in-1, 1930’s character and background creator kit. This kit is an all-in-one collection of vector assets that help you quickly and easily create customized illustrations in just a few minutes.

There are two layered files (.Ai, .eps), editable and tailored to cut down on excessive work. Even if your required input is minimal, you have the freedom to explore its features to the fullest.

Separate, but together

Although these are two creation kits, they are tailored to work together, hand in hand. Define both your characters and the setting they’re in, the actions they are doing – all at the same time.

Decorations Made To Fit

All the objects are set in place, you only need to toggle their visibility and it’s ready to go. For Character Creation Kit, toggle the visibility of the layers to customize it.
For the Background Creation kit, select the level of snow you want in your illustration, your background colors, the type of weather and the time of day.

 File formats: .EPS, .Ai

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